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Hey there! We're Conor & Moé. We're super excited that you're checking out SkinTheory 😬 Here's a little bit about our project in list form!

  • SkinTheory's mission is to help people feel confident and get rid of their own acne.
  • We actively work with dermatologists to improve our ability to solve your acne.
  • SkinTheory was first released as Conor's side project in 2019.
  • Moé and Conor are the current founders of SkinTheory and are incubated at Silicon Allee in Berlin.
  • Conor's favorite food is buffalo wings, he likes to skateboard, and plays in an indie band.
  • Moe's favorite is Tantanmen Ramen, he enjoys a night of dancing in Berghain, and he's from the jungle.
  • Our favorite pastime is getting ideas from users, so send us and email or drop us a line.

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