The scientific acne & skincare tracker app.
Soon to be a fully AI-powered skin coach!

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It's easy to feel lost in your acne . . .

Everyone in the world has their own special skin.

Outsmart your skin with SkinTheory,
a helpful app to organize and track your skincare routines.

Based on the Scientific Method, the SkinTheory app is your skincare lab notebook. Experiment with skin & acne regimens, routinely take photos and written logs, create your ideal skincare regimen.

The SkinTheory Method is just 3 simple steps:

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Find an acne regimen you want to try. 🔎

In the Regimen text box input your
regimen and time period:

"No dairy consumption. x2 weeks until "

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Take photos and write Skin Status logs every day or so. 📸

This will immediately help your skin's progress. The more logs the better. Try to isolate potential acne factors, i.e how you are sleeping, stress, working out.

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iPhone Feature 03

Analyze you entries between weeks. 🔬

Use the timeline page to compare your photos and logs over the last week or 2 weeks... Has your acne improved in each spot? Stick with it! Has your acne worsened? Maybe tweak your regmien or try a new one and restart the cycle!

Your goal is to delete the SkinTheory App 🚮

That sounds weird, but once you've mastered the SkinTheory Method, your skin will be happy and clear, and you won't need our help anymore!
Best of luck with your experiments. 🔬

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